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Do you have a large collection of coins but do not know how to properly store them?

You’ve come to the right place. This site will display all my coin collections and some commemorative coins purchased from the Indian Mints throughout India and also through Reserve Bank of India .You’ll find a compilation of numismatic information, of my collection assembled over a period of 3 + years. Got this hobby site working due to my project on, Digital Marketing held at Don Bosco Center for Learning, due for submission in the month of September 2015

This is quiet an expensive hobby, but got me interested as the Commemorative Coins sold are of different denomination ie from as low as INR 2/- going up to INR 1000/- with odd figures of INR 60/- and even INR 150/- .

All my collections are coins pertaining to India and also MADE IN INDIA.

Buying Coins in India?

This is quiet an issue. You have to continuously keep your eyes open to advertisements in the leading Newspapers, Times of India being one of them. The other option is to visit the Indian mint site. All this is done through a booking window for a short period of 2-3 month. Once the booking offer is closed, getting a the required coin is a difficulty. One could send the demand draft even after the issue is closed, but it is left to good luck is you receive a set of your requirements of the booked coins. All applications for new coins advertised are to be sent by post and delivery of these coins, I must admit takes even up to 7 months.

Whether it’s a partial collection or just an accumulation of Commemorative coins I have laying around I have no intention of sell this small but unique collection. I hope some of my friends from other states  do gift me coins  as I am now looking for circulated coins as well. I have 2 albums which I will display as I have to arrange the same . these are all the coins I collected on my way to work, going by bus  and collections all the ones that are new to my collections. I have collected a few by buying but not spent a lot on   Indian coins  I  have not seen before.  the old .2paise, .5 paise 10 Paise & 25 paise are cutely crafted.  Though  I possess a few of these I an still on the lookout for these coins of small denominations as these are not available and out of circulation.

You will be fascinated by the different circulated coins collected by me  of denomination of INR 1, 2, 5, & even 10/-  which will be displayed soon .  The old silver  coin of Rs 10/- is available  for sale on ebay, olx and other online sites, which I may consider buying.

Please explore and enjoy.

Here you can learn the  way I  store my coins, along with their pros and cons.


One of the most popular types of coin storage is a 2″X2″ cardboard container lined with clear mylar also known as Coin Flips. These Coin Flips comes  in various sizes starting with 17.5 mm and going up to 35.00 mm.

Image of Coin Flips

   20150905_104405 20150905_104403

The coin is placed on the mylar or Coin Flips, and the case is folded and stapled shut. With this method, the coin will not slide around in its case while handled. this also protects the coins from humidity, scratches & helps retain the toning.

Pros: Inexpensive, easy to label, compact.
Cons: Coin may be scratched by staples, the plastic in close proximity to the coin can possibly contribute to toning and spotting.

                                        Republic Coins

one pice1 half anna1  one anna1 one anna1

1 Pice                         1/2 Anna                     1 Anna                   2 Annas


1/4 Rupee                1/2 Rupee              1 Naya Paisa            2 Naya Paisa


2 Paise                         2  Paise                      3 Paise                    5 Paise


5 Paise               10 Naya Paise                 10 Paise                   20 Paise

25 Naye Paise              25 Paise                  50 Naye Paise            50 Paise


1 Rupee                     2 Rupees                     5 Rupees                 10 Rupees

Commemorative Coins of India

5 Paise                                    20 Paise  25 Paise

5 Paise                 10 Paise                20 Paise               25 Paise

50 Paise  1 Rupee  2 Rupees  5 Rupees

50 Paise                1 Rupee               2 Rupees              5 Rupees

10 Rupees

10 Rupees

Commemorative Coins

My collection since  the year 2013

20150913_112715  20150913_112752

20150913_112803  20150913_112818

Acharya Tulsi Birth Centenary

20150913_104247  20150913_104259

20150913_104310  20150913_104326

60 Years of Choir  Board

20150913_111918  20150913_112000   20150913_111941  20150913_111934

Lal Bahadur Shastri Birth Centenary

20150913_112248  20150913_112259

20150913_112307  20150913_112342

1000 Years of Brihadeeshwarar Temple – Thanjavur

 20150913_112524   20150913_112548


Madan Mohan Malaviya 150th Birth Anniversary.

20150913_112128  20150913_112207

20150913_112225  20150913_112143

Swami Vivekananda – 150 Birth Anniversary

20150913_111820  20150913_111855

  20150913_111842  20150913_111832

SIR Louis Braille

20150913_111629  20150913_111655

20150913_111710   20150913_111648

20150913_111542  20150913_111554

20150913_111615  20150913_111533

                XIX CommonWealthGames Delhi 2010

20150913_105131  20150913_105113

20150913_105053  20150913_105039

Shaheed Bhagat Singh Birth Centenary 1907-2007

20150913_104736  20150913_104819

20150913_104805  20150913_104751

Madan Mohan Malaviya 150th Birth Anniversary 1861 – 2011

20150913_104646  20150913_104717 20150913_104706  20150913_104659

150 years of KUKA Movement, 1857 – 2007

20150913_104453  20150913_104520

20150913_104536   20150913_104511

Motilal Nehru – Birth Anniversary

20150913_112016  20150913_112114

20150913_112043   20150913_112032

60 years  of India Government Mint

20150913_105013   20150913_105113

20150913_105053   20150913_105039

1000 Years of Brihadeeshwarar Temple – Thanjavur

20150913_104736  20150913_104819

20150913_104805  20150913_104751

150 Birth Anniversary of  Pandit Madan Mohan Malaviya

20150913_112618  20150913_112646


Motilal Nehru – 150 Years Birth Anniversary



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